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Recycling Corks

What do you do with that cork after you open a bottle of wine? More likely than not you may just toss it into the trash. Stop! Cork is a unique nature made material. Portugal is well known for cork protection and it is in Portugal that  cork trees are protected. The cork forests are host a wide variety of wildlife. A tree needs to be 25 years old before the cork can be cut from it and another nine years must pass before cork can be harvested again. Cork is a phenomenal material that can be used to make an assortment of items. Just a brief list begins with flooring, insulation, soundproofing, hockey balls, coasters, boat decking and so much more. Better yet wine bottle corks can be recycled into these products. Don’t throw out your corks, find a use for them. The reuse of corks is so important that ReCork America is beginning a recycling program in California.

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