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How Synthetic Corks are Made – Discovery Channel

Whatever calendar you use: iCal, Google calendar or a colorful, artsy wall calendar, be sure to jot down Thursday 9:00pm to watch the television program How It’s Made.

Will You Sign the Petition to Support the Use of 100 Percent Corks?

There is an online petition to support the use of 100 percent corks. Do you like your wine bottles with real corks, artificial corks or screw caps? Winemakers have a variety of reasonable rationales as to why they use corks or screw caps. For consumers who want to know more about the use of corks […]

Cork Molding

My annual January project, which I worked on during February, was to turn a pantry into a wine cellar. We don’t need as much room for storage of canned goods and I do need to increase my space for wine.  So this conversion made perfect sense. I finished the walls and thought about the molding. […]

What Do You Do with Corks?

I always keep corks from wine bottles. When I began I thought it would serve as a nice memory of the winery. However, through the years, those corks filled a container. Then filled a shoebox. These filled several shoeboxes. What do you do with your corks? Before throwing them out, I decided to make some […]

Recycling Corks

What do you do with that cork after you open a bottle of wine? More likely than not you may just toss it into the trash. Stop! Cork is a unique nature made material. Portugal is well known for cork protection and it is in Portugal that  cork trees are protected. The cork forests are […]

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