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Save Your Corks!

After opening wine bottles with different types of closures, it can be difficult to decide which one I like the best. Natural cork, synthetic cork, and screw caps are all commonly found in stores and wine tasting rooms. Less usual to discover are Zorks and plastic/glass push in button-like closures. For me, I really like […]

Cork versus Synthetic Closures

The cork versus synthetic closures controversy is one of those wine related issues that wine enthusiasts love to debate. Both sides of the cork vs. synthetic closures issue can debate for a long time as to which is the best closure to use. There is a lot to be said for both types of wine […]

Will You Sign the Petition to Support the Use of 100 Percent Corks?

There is an online petition to support the use of 100 percent corks. Do you like your wine bottles with real corks, artificial corks or screw caps? Winemakers have a variety of reasonable rationales as to why they use corks or screw caps. For consumers who want to know more about the use of corks […]

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