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Save Your Corks!

After opening wine bottles with different types of closures, it can be difficult to decide which one I like the best.

Natural cork, synthetic cork, and screw caps are all commonly found in stores and wine tasting rooms. Less usual to discover are Zorks and plastic/glass push in button-like closures.

For me, I really like the traditional natural cork closure at home or a restaurant. However if picnicking or traveling the screw cap would be easier to use.

One of the great things about natural cork is that the trees from which cork is sourced continue living year after year. In terms of recycling, after you have made use of your corks for various art projects including trivets and frames, there is another option, ReCORK by Amorim.

ReCORK is a program for recycling natural wine bottle corks. The ReCORK website notes, ”The goal is to recycle corks and to educate and inform our audiences about the crucial role cork forests play in curbing climate change.” Products made from recycled cork products include floor tiles, sports equipment, auto gaskets, soil conditoner and more.

How successful has ReCORK been? Visit the website and at the top of the page, the number of corks recycled is provided. Next to that is the number of trees planted. This morning the numbers are at: 16,193,110 corks collected and 5,577 trees planted.

Who can participate in the recycling program at ReCORK?

  • Individual consumers
  • Winery tasting rooms
  • Retail organizations
  • Hospitality organizations

Do not send one cork at a time. If you would like to save corks for ReCork, the recommendation is to save 15 pounds of corks. They estimate this amount is about 1,650 corks. Anyone or business with 15 pounds of corks, will be sent a free shipping label from ReCork. Gather together with your friends and neighbors and start collecting corks today!

Tasting rooms, wine shops and grocery stores may want to start a collection center for ReCORK.

To learn more, visit the ReCORK website.

Cheers, Kathy

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