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A Search for the Oldest Charles Krug Wine Bottle

Charles Krug is celebrating its 150th birthday. Charles Krug now owned by the Mondavi family is searching for the oldest bottle from the winery. Charles Krug started in 1861, so there should be plenty of wine bottles around. If you have an old Charles Krug wine bottle contact the Charles Krug winery in Napa Valley, […]

Save Your Corks!

After opening wine bottles with different types of closures, it can be difficult to decide which one I like the best. Natural cork, synthetic cork, and screw caps are all commonly found in stores and wine tasting rooms. Less usual to discover are Zorks and plastic/glass push in button-like closures. For me, I really like […]

A Fun and Unusual Wine Related Gift Discovered

My daughter and her boyfriend invited us to join them in a one-day visit to Washington, D.C. We visited the National Christmas tree and a special exhibit at the Smithsonian. Afterwards we took the subway to a delightful restaurant, Good Stuff Eatery. It’s located in the Capitol Hill area. They serve delicious fresh handmade burgers, […]

What’s in a Wine Name?

Do you ever decide to buy a bottle of wine based on the name of the wine? Do some wine names entice you to wonder what’s inside that bottle? Have you heard of any of these wine names Educated Guess, Chaos Theory or Debauchery? These are actual wine names. According to an article, It’s think […]

Why Didn’t I Think of That? A Wine Label That Focuses on Sustainability

How many times have you thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Kudos to Doug Miller for devising a wine label that focuses on sustainability. Miller created a label that looks like a nutritional list but focuses on sustainability. Doug Miller, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, has devised a wine bottle label, “Production […]

7 Shopping Days, Are You Puzzled About Holiday Gifts?

Time is running out on holiday gifts but gift ideas for wine enthusiasts are plentiful. If your wine enthusiast enjoys puzzles consider a wine bottle puzzle. The puzzle is quite simple to take apart and put back together, assuming you place the parts in order by size and start with the larger parts first. It […]

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