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Your Choice: Spend Black Friday at Crowded Brick and Mortar Stores or Enjoy the Day at a Winery?

While many people look forward to shopping on Black Friday for great deals, wineries offer what may be a more enjoyable experience.

A Variety of Wine Events for this Weekend!

Take time from your busy Christmas and holiday shopping to relax by visiting a winery tasting room. Enjoy the ambiance and of course browse some of the items available that might be the perfect gift! Below is a list of winery events for this weekend! Enjoy! Cheers! Kathy Thursday, December 8 Laurello Vineyards, Ohio Event: […]

Two Shopping Days Until Christmas

With only two shopping days before Christmas, most of my shopping is completed. In a couple of cases, “coupons” may just do the trick. It’s time to begin celebrating the season, and whatever you do put your heart and soul into it. If you are having family and friends at your home this season, consider […]

Only Three Shopping Days Until Christmas

With only three shopping days until Christmas, I am guessing that most of you have finished your Christmas shopping or are looking for some last minute stocking stuffer ideas. Wine charms are delightful as they can be whimsical or elegant. The charms are handy to have at wine parties or get-togethers as they are cute […]

Only Six Shopping Days Until Christmas

With only six days left before Christmas, have you finished your shopping yet? If you haven’t, consider a home winemaking kit or accessories to go along with it. Last Christmas I purchased a winemaking kit by mail after reading online what some home winemakers said were good kits. The great thing about winemaking kits is […]

7 Shopping Days, Are You Puzzled About Holiday Gifts?

Time is running out on holiday gifts but gift ideas for wine enthusiasts are plentiful. If your wine enthusiast enjoys puzzles consider a wine bottle puzzle. The puzzle is quite simple to take apart and put back together, assuming you place the parts in order by size and start with the larger parts first. It […]

10 Shopping Days ’til Christmas (Wine Stoppers)

Wine stoppers are appreciated by anyone who may not want to finish a bottle of wine.  They will enjoy the convenience of having a wine stopper. While wine stoppers will not prevent wine from oxidizing after opening, a good wine stopper will help the wine to be preserved for a day or two. A large variety of […]

Christmas Shopping for the Wine Enthusiast

With only 16 shopping days left until Christmas, have you completed your Christmas shopping? For the next few days, I’ll be taking a look at some gifts that you may want to consider for the wine enthusiast on your Christmas list. For someone who travels to wineries and vineyards, we have discovered wine bottle totes […]

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