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Tag Archives: Mulled Wine

Mulled Wines for the Holidays!

Walk into many winery tasting rooms during the holidays, and you will immediately notice a holiday aroma including cinnamon and cloves. Frequently the winery you are visiting has a crockpot of warm/hot mulled wine behind the counter awaiting visitors.

Recipe for Hot Mulled Christmas Wine

There is nothing better than walking into a room where a crockpot of mulled red wine is simmering….

Mulled Wine Jelly: A Holiday Recipe

The recipe for Mulled Wine Jelly was provided to us on our visit to Brushy Mountain Winery in Elkin, North Carolina. A jar of this jelly can be a great holiday gift.

Christmas Countdown: 10 Days: Mulled Wine for the Holidays

Christmas and holiday time is a great time of the year to fill your home with the scents of mulled wine. As long as you have a few simple items in your kitchen, you can easily make a mulled wine. Good ingredients to have on hand for making mulled wine include: red wine, sugar, spices […]

Mulled Wine for the Holidays

This is the perfect time of year to start making mulled wine. The Wine Trail Traveler recipe section has several mulled wines. We have a new mulled recipe we received from Erie Shore Vineyard this week. Note that this recipe uses honey! The recipe allows drinkers to individualize their own cup of mulled wine. Erie Shore […]

Pairing a Wine and other Foods with Super Bowl XLV

So much of the country is covered with snow, have a couple of mulled wines available for your Super Bowl Sunday guests. If you are looking for a hot wine beverage that’s different than the traditional mulled red wine try the Mulled Peach Cobbler recipe. Hot Peach Cobbler in a Mug Ingredients 1 bottle Carlson Peach […]

Spiced Wine for the Holidays

This time of year with the cold penetrating many areas of the country is the perfect time for serving mulled (spiced) wines. Below is a recipe for Redmund’s Spiced Wine from Pearmund Cellars in Broad Run, Virginia. Located in the Washington, DC suburbs, Pearmund Cellars provides a friendly winery and tasting room experience. Find out […]

Mulled Wine Recipe for the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, aromas from the kitchen evoke powerful memories. One of the aromas is mulled wine. Easy to make, warm and delicious a mulled wine can lift spirits during the holiday season. One can use inexpensive wines so mulled wine recipes are economical. Heat ingredients in a crock pot and the […]

Snowstorm, Party and Mulled Wine

We spent Thursday and Friday wondering if relatives and friends would make be able to make it to a special family event this past weekend. We called family to tell them of the impending snowstorm. One family’s members in Massachusetts were able to leave early Friday night and made it safely to our home at […]

Two Shopping Days Until Christmas

With only two shopping days before Christmas, most of my shopping is completed. In a couple of cases, “coupons” may just do the trick. It’s time to begin celebrating the season, and whatever you do put your heart and soul into it. If you are having family and friends at your home this season, consider […]

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