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Tag Archives: Lake Erie

4 Wineries Along Lake Erie

Visit the wineries of North East, Pennsylvania. These wineries are located close to Lake Erie.

Visiting a Winery During Harvest

There is no better time to visit wineries than during harvest time.

Mulled Wine for the Holidays

This is the perfect time of year to start making mulled wine. The Wine Trail Traveler recipe section has several mulled wines. We have a new mulled recipe we received from Erie Shore Vineyard this week. Note that this recipe uses honey! The recipe allows drinkers to individualize their own cup of mulled wine. Erie Shore […]

Snow Puts on a Show

Now that most grapes have been harvested and many but a few remaining leaves clinging to the vines have fallen, vineyards look cold an uninviting. Just in time, nature takes over and paints an early November picture. A sudden lake effect snow swept through the Lake Erie region of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York on […]

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