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4 Wineries Along Lake Erie


Courtyard Winery, North East, PA

On our way back home from spending Easter with family in Ohio, we took a detour to North East, Pennsylvania. It is always interesting to realize that North East, PA is actually in the north western part of the state of Pennsylvania.

We visited four wineries in North East on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday our visits were to Lakeview Wine Cellars and Arundel Cellars & Brewing Co. The winery Lakeview Wine Cellars is located at a higher altitude and offers views of Lake Erie in the distance. The winery is owned by a friendly and congenial couple who are passionate about producing quality wines. Our second stop of the day was to Arundel Cellars & Brewing Co. The Arundel Cellars is owned by four couples. The winemaker, also one of the owners, worked at Presque Isle Wine Cellars for many years before establishing Arundel Cellars.

Lakeview Wine Cellars

On Tuesday we visited Courtyard Winery and Yori Wine Cellars. At Courtyard Winery, owned by Randy and Laura, we discovered that Randy has a passion for the lifestyle available in Pennsylvania’s North East region. Randy took us on an hour long drive through North East, even including a stop to look at the Welch’s production complex. The tasting room at Courtyard Winery has two tasting counters, one for dry wines and one for sweet wines. Our next visit was to Yori Wine Cellars. This is the newest winery and tasting room in North East. The winery is owned by a couple who also own the small, cozy restaurant next door. Some of the winery’s wine production and bottling takes place on the second floor. The winery specializes in small wine production.

Several years ago, we visited several wineries along Lake Erie in Pennsylvania. Articles and photos are available online for your convenience. Articles about the wineries we visited this week will be added soon.


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