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Vieux Pineau des Charentes Rosé

Vieux Pineau des Charentes

The Pineau was a burnt Sienna color with an orange hue. The aroma included notes of jammy dried fruit and a brown sugar sweetness. The mouthfeel was velvety. The taste included baked apples with brown sugar and baked figs. The Pineau was full-bodied. The finish was long and lingered with brown sugar notes. Use this wine as an aperitif or pair with foie gras, chocolate or blue cheese.

The Vieux Pineau des Charentes was produced primarily from the Ugni Blanc. The Vieux Pineau des Charentes was produced by adding the eau-de-vie to red grape must. This drink was produced with five years of aging noted by the use of the word Vieux.

The above described wine is from Cognac Jean Fillioux in France’s famed Cognac region. The cognac house was founded in 1894 when the founder purchased Domaine de La Pouyade. Five generations have continued producing cognac at Jean Fillioux and now includes the delightful Pineau des Charentes, a delectable dessert wine.

A year ago while in Porto, several of the port lodges were making a simple refreshing cocktail with white and rosé port. We decided to try this cocktail with the Vieux Pineau des Charentes Rosé. We added equal amounts of Vieux Pineau des Charentes Rosé and tonic water. Terry added some ice to his, while Kathy did not add ice. The resulting cocktail was refreshing and retained all the aromas and taste of the Pineau. It was delightful on a warm spring day.

Kathy and Terry

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