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Monthly Archives: March 2010

A White Pinot Noir

Yesterday while visiting a winery in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, we had the opportunity to taste a white Pinot Noir. We were at Rockbridge Vineyard in Rockbridge County and the first wine we were offered was the Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir 2009. This white Pinot Noir was a light yellow color and offered […]

Lamb Entrées for Easter Dinner

For Easter, many people enjoy a lamb entrée. I have to admit it’s not one of my favorites and I am frequently told that I don’t know what I am missing. For those who enjoy lamb or want to try lamb, there are four recipes on the Wine Trail Traveler website with lamb. One of […]

In Dreary Weather Look for Beauty

When traveling to wineries we make plans in advance. You have no control of the weather. As a result I am always interested in looking for photo opportunities in all types of weather during all seasons. Yesterday we had a lovely wine tasting at Valhalla Vineyards in Roanoke, Virginia. The road leading to the vineyards […]

Two Appetizer Recipes with Wine for Easter

As you plan your Easter Sunday dinner this week, make your list of ingredients. What wines will you need to pair with the meal or to use in recipes? Frequently the same wine used in a recipe will be appropriate to pair with the meal. If you are undecided about what wines to use, visit […]

A Blueberry Wine Vinaigrette for Easter

Are you looking for a special salad vinaigrette for Easter this year? Consider this Blueberry Wine Vinaigrette recipe. The ingredients are quite standard in most home kitchens except for perhaps the blueberry wine A visit to southern New Jersey will take visitors into the garden area of the state. Here wine lovers will discover wineries […]

Bedford Wine Trail Offers an Adventure in Taste

Five wineries make up the Bedford Wine Trail all within a short drive from Bedford, Virginia. Wine enthusiast travelers should pick up the Bedford Wine Trail brochure at any of the five wineries. Have each winery stamp the brochure, and then take it to the Bedford Welcome Center for a complimentary Bedford Wine Glass. Each […]

Fun Wines

While visiting wineries in Virginia we have come across some wines referred to as “fun wines.” Wine snobs who consider the world of wine as dry, red and vinifera most likely would not appreciate a fun wine. Fun wines are fun. They bring smiles to the faces of many who taste them. Often they are […]

Easter Recipe for Pork Loin with Wine and Strawberry-Rhubarb Preserves

If you haven’t planned your Easter Weekend menu yet, consider making Strawberry Rhubarb Glazed Pork Loin that calls for Duplin Winery’s Carolina Red Wine. In the event you don’t have time to order the wine from Duplin Winery or even worse you can’t have it shipped directly  to you due to state law, consider substituting […]

Winery Weekend Events

As spring weather brings a mix of rain, sun and snow flurries, you may not want to travel far but just enjoy your area. This is the perfect time to visit local wineries sometimes referred to as wineries in your own backyard. This weekend look for an array of events at individual wineries. This can […]

Visiting Wineries in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley AVA

Along Interstate-81 from Berkeley and Jefferson counties in West Virginia through Virginia south to almost Roanoke lies the Shenandoah Valley AVA. The Blue Ridge Mountains lie to the east and the Appalachian and Allegheny Plateaus lie to the west. Some wineries visited claim they have the best growing conditions for grapes in Virginia. The weather […]

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