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Who Should Get the Restaurant Wine List?

Why is it that at most restaurants men receive the wine list? Is this due to etiquette or to a mistaken assumption that women don’t know much about wine? It’s interesting to note that slightly more women than men drink wine. Yet particularly in the past in the wine industry, it appears that men predominate […]

Winery Weekend Events

As spring weather brings a mix of rain, sun and snow flurries, you may not want to travel far but just enjoy your area. This is the perfect time to visit local wineries sometimes referred to as wineries in your own backyard. This weekend look for an array of events at individual wineries. This can […]

Twitter Sauvignon Blanc Tasting

Last night we participated in the Twitter Sauvignon Blanc tasting. We invited friends to join us in tasting five different Sauvignon Blancs and provided three appetizers. The wines included two from Napa Valley, one from New Zealand, one was from France and one from Temecula Valley in California with grapes from Washington. Conversation was great […]

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