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Where is Wine Made?

Anyone who has visited many winery tasting rooms has probably heard, “Wine is made in the vineyard.”  Wait a minute! Is the speaker trying to tell you that you can just squeeze a pound for so of grapes in the vineyard and you’ll have your glass of wine! No, I don’t think so…. The problem […]

Affects of Torrential Rains on Vineyards in the East

This year on the East Coast vineyards showed a lot of potential for a great harvest until Hurricane Katia came along followed by the rain train, where Hurricane Katia and Hurricane Lee had become tropical storms that rotated and kept a constant stream of rain clouds caught between the two swirling masses. The rain train […]

Washington State University’s Wine Business Management

In a response to the popularity of wineries in the Northwest, Washington State University has developed a four-year program, Wine Business Management that deals with the business and hospitality segments of owning a winery. Washington State University is now offering a new business program geared to wineries. WSU offers a number of programs for winemakers […]

Wineries Unlimited Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday, March 29 was the day for Wineries Unlimited 2011 Pre-Conference Workshops. The conference is at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The conference rooms are large. For the morning session the room was filled. The afternoon sessions I attended did not have quite as many in attendance. During the day we met someone from Nova […]

Lookout Ridge Winery Donates Wheelchairs

In January 2009 I wrote about Lookout Ridge Winery, a California winery that focuses on supplying wheelchairs to those in need. Since I was very impressed with what was happening at the Lookout Ridge Winery, I decided to check it out once again. Owner, Gordon Holmes, has a deep interest in helping to provide wheelchairs […]

Labor Day Brings to Mind All the Work That Goes into a Bottle of Wine

According to a US government Department of Labor website, “Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our […]

Who Should Get the Restaurant Wine List?

Why is it that at most restaurants men receive the wine list? Is this due to etiquette or to a mistaken assumption that women don’t know much about wine? It’s interesting to note that slightly more women than men drink wine. Yet particularly in the past in the wine industry, it appears that men predominate […]

Will You Sign the Petition to Support the Use of 100 Percent Corks?

There is an online petition to support the use of 100 percent corks. Do you like your wine bottles with real corks, artificial corks or screw caps? Winemakers have a variety of reasonable rationales as to why they use corks or screw caps. For consumers who want to know more about the use of corks […]

Why Do You Visit Winery and Vineyard Tasting Rooms?

Why do you decide stop at winery and vineyard tasting rooms? Is it a decision made in advance or on the spur of the moment? Are you looking to sip and taste new wines or spend some time enjoy a glass of wine? Do you want a winery with a restaurant? Music? Special event? It’s […]

Congressional House Bill 5034 May Affect All Consumers of Alcohol Beverages

I am very concerned about the federal legislation (HB 5034) regarding the shipping of alcohol between states that is currently under consideration by the US Congress. I’ve been reading the news from a variety of sources and talking with winery owners and winemakers. Many have not heard about House Bill 5034 and some even think […]

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