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Will You Sign the Petition to Support the Use of 100 Percent Corks?

There is an online petition to support the use of 100 percent corks. Do you like your wine bottles with real corks, artificial corks or screw caps? Winemakers have a variety of reasonable rationales as to why they use corks or screw caps.

For consumers who want to know more about the use of corks and the affect on the environment, they should visit the website www.100percentcork.org. While it’s not a large website, it makes an impact about the affect using cork has on the environment compared to using plastic and aluminum closures.

However, it may also be important to consider what you the consumer wants to purchase. Will you choose a bottle of wine because you know it is closed with a cork or don’t you care? If you care you may want to sign the petition on the home page of the 100percentcork webpage. Read the information, it will only take five minutes and make a decision.

Cheers! Kathy

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