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Is Your State Wine Friendly or Not?

Discover how friendly your state is for wine consumers. The American Wine Consumer Coalition located in Washington DC has issued a report about the state of the wine industry in terms of how friendly it is for consumers to purchase wine. The states are graded from A+ to F.

The Wine Market Council’s Recent Consumer and Wine Research

The Wine Market Council website provides some interesting information about consumers and their wine drinking habits. To read the entire report one must be a member of the Wine Market Council. However, the website offers some detailed information about the results that anyone can access. Anyone who enjoys wine will be interested in some of […]

Will You Sign the Petition to Support the Use of 100 Percent Corks?

There is an online petition to support the use of 100 percent corks. Do you like your wine bottles with real corks, artificial corks or screw caps? Winemakers have a variety of reasonable rationales as to why they use corks or screw caps. For consumers who want to know more about the use of corks […]

Congressional House Bill 5034 May Affect All Consumers of Alcohol Beverages

I am very concerned about the federal legislation (HB 5034) regarding the shipping of alcohol between states that is currently under consideration by the US Congress. I’ve been reading the news from a variety of sources and talking with winery owners and winemakers. Many have not heard about House Bill 5034 and some even think […]

Direct Wine Shipping Testimony Needed in Maryland

This week is very important for Maryland consumers. On Friday, March 5, the Maryland House will be listening to testimony regarding direct shipping of wine. Written testimony and oral testimony are acceptable. To find out the details and how you can help go to Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws or contact their Legislative […]

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