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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Halloween, Wine and Ghost Stories

Halloween is celebrated in the US; not so much in the Piedmont, Italy. On the other hand, castles in the Piedmont region offer some scary tales to tell.

Urban Wineries

  Yesterday, a Colorado news station (9news.com) featured an article “Denver has one of 10 Best Urban Wineries in US.” The concept of urban wineries has been around for a while but the number of urban wineries is increasing. According to the AAWE paper, “The Global Urban Winery Crush, Model, Forecast and Prospect” by Wilson […]

Charity Fine Wine Auction in Hawke’s Bay

On November 8, the wineries of Hawke’s Bay are hosting a Fine Wine Auction for charity. The funds will be donated to Cranford Hospice, a palliative care facility.

Champagne Day Experiment and Food Pairing

Today is #ChampagneDay, a day dedicated to the producers and champagne from the Champagne wine region of France. We decided to celebrate the day with a Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon Brut. Earlier I wrote a blog about different wine glasses for sparkling wines. What is better, a flute, white wine glass or a coupe. As I […]

A Wine Journey: An Ideal Holiday Gift

With the holidays approaching have you started your holiday shopping yet? If you are shopping for a wine lover or a winemaking enthusiast, give a gift of the wine book. A Wine Journey is available on the Wine Trail Traveler website, Amazon….

Champagne Day, October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24th is Champagne Day. This is the fifth annual day that wine enthusiasts world-wide will open a bottle of champagne and enjoy with their food. The day is dedicated solely to champagne from the Champagne region in France. Cava, prosecco and sparkling wines do not count. Consumers need to buy the real champagne […]

Wine Just Off the Vine Event – Two Weekends in November

Each year the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail features two special wine events. The 2014 Wine Just Off the Vine event takes place November 8-9 and November 15-16. Read more….

Halloween for Wine and Candy Lovers

Have you considered pairing candy with wine? Usually this topic comes up when talking about chocolate pairings. Numerous wineries offer chocolate and wine pairings. What about all the different types of Halloween candy, whether you are thinking about Skittles, licorice or candy corn? Is it possible to pair wine with seasonal Halloween candies?

Does the Glass Matter?

In The Drinks Business’ post Wine Glass Best for Champagne, Says Pernod the notion of a flute and coupe is put to the challenge. Perhaps the best glass for sparkling wine is a white wine glass. This made me recall the glasses we used while in the Penedés Cava region of Catalonia and Barcelona a […]

Keeping Up with Our Home Winemaking

Since arriving back from our visit to the Catalonia region of Spain, where we visited with winemakers and cava producers, we have been busy with our own winemaking. Late last week we….

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