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Gersing Cellars Shell Viognier

When visiting Portland, Oregon be sure to discover the wines from Gersing Cellars.

Urban Wineries

  Yesterday, a Colorado news station (9news.com) featured an article “Denver has one of 10 Best Urban Wineries in US.” The concept of urban wineries has been around for a while but the number of urban wineries is increasing. According to the AAWE paper, “The Global Urban Winery Crush, Model, Forecast and Prospect” by Wilson […]

Travel to Blue Slip Winery in Tennessee

Enjoy reading about Blue Slip Winery and planning a visit to this boutique, urban winery. Summary: Blue Slip Winery, an urban winery, is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is the first winery in Knoxville. Blue Slip also has the distinction of being the first urban winery in Tennessee. (more) Cheers! Kathy          

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