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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Planning for July 4th & Tip

While you are out and about this weekend, if you happen to be buying supplies for July 4th don’t forget a bottle of wine for your wine enthusiasts. Wine is also appropriate for picnics. White wines are a good choice, just make sure they are chilled. You may even want to freeze grapes, cherries, sliced […]

New Mexico wineries

Yesterday, I emailed wineries in my attempt to discover more recipes for the website www.winetrailtraveler.com. As part of my quest I describe the website and provide a link to it. One response I had was from a New Mexico winery who inquired as to why we did not have New Mexico wineries in our Winery […]

Boulder Festival

Okay, so we haven’t been back from Colorado for two weeks and I already want to return for this week’s Boulder Food & Wine Festival. I mentioned that to my husband and as you can imagine, he just looked at me. Okay, so I know I won’t be at the Boulder Festival on June 28th, but […]

How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

I just received an ad from a wine store about 10 miles from my home. Out of curiosity, I flipped through looking at some of the prices. How is it that French wines, Australian wines and wines from across the country are less expensive than wines in our own “backyard.”  Of course, startup costs are […]

Wine and Cruise

Do you have plans for June 2009 yet? Consider this cruise with Chris Pearmund from Pearmund Cellars. There will be an information session at Pearmund Cellars. Here is the information from their website. On June 17-27, 2009, Pearmund Cellars will host a 10-day Oceania Cruise from Rome to Barcelona. On Saturday, Cruise Holidays of Alexandria can answer […]

Grapevines in the Home Garden

I just looked at the few grapevines we have in the yard. The Niagara grapes which were the size of a pinhead  just a few weeks ago are now much bigger and I can hardly wait. Unfortunately due our trip to Colorado, weeds and shrubbery and too much rain has started to take its toll. […]

More Wineries and Distribution

We have been working diligently to catch up on all the articles to write about our trip to Colorado. We have three more posted including Jack Rabbit Hill & Peak Spirits, Two Rivers Winery & Chateau, and Mountain Spirit Winery. You can check them out at http://winetrailtraveler.com/colorado/colorado.php. Just use the sidebar. More articles will be posted […]

Checking Out Colorado Wineries

We just arrived back from a whirlwind trip to numerous wineries in Colorado. What a great experience! After landing in Denver, we drove to the Manitou Springs Wine Festival where 22 wineries were pouring tastings. The ambience, wineries, food vendors and arts and crafts all added to the atmosphere. We also met Doug Caskey from […]

The Western Colorado Ag Experiment Station at Orchard Mesa

The Experiment Station is conducting research that ultimately can help improve the quality of grapes and winemaking in Colorado. The Colorado grape industry has grown since 1985 when there were between 15 and 20 acres of grapes in the state. Now there are over 800 acres of vineyards producing grapes and hundreds more planted that […]

Colorado Winds

Colorado’s unique climate and elevation makes for some interesting vineyard practices. While we were visiting wineries in the Grand Junction area of the state, we noticed intense winds in the morning. Later in the day the wind would reverse direction. These strong winds are the result of the quickly changing area temperature. Yesterday while visiting […]

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