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More Wineries and Distribution

We have been working diligently to catch up on all the articles to write about our trip to Colorado. We have three more posted including Jack Rabbit Hill & Peak Spirits, Two Rivers Winery & Chateau, and Mountain Spirit Winery. You can check them out at http://winetrailtraveler.com/colorado/colorado.php. Just use the sidebar. More articles will be posted later in the week.

Meanwhile many wineries in the United States are dealing with the problems of distribution of their wines. My question is, “In order to be equitable for all consumers in the U.S., is it necessary for the federal government to become involved in the matter?” After all I am a citizen of the U.S., but I am treated differently if I want to order wine online because of the state I live in. Wine is a legal commodity. I’m sure the states want their share of the taxes but I believe a good compromise can be made and it should be the same for all citizens living in the U.S.

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