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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Wine Country Inn in Colorado Receives Special Mention

We have visited the wineries in the Palisade, Colorado area a couple of times. During one of our stays we had the privilege of staying at the Wine Country Inn located within a stone’s throw of Interstate 70, which extends almost from the east coast to the west coast. We had a delightful time while […]

Wine Festivals for Traveltuesday

This is TravelTuesday, as Twitters like to call it, so here are some wine festival/events to consider traveling to in the U.S. Enjoy planning a trip to a wine festival. Many wine festivals offer an array of other activities including live music, arts & crafts to browse and perhaps buy, food to enjoy, short wine […]

Planning a Picnic or Barbecue for July 4th?

Do you have plans for July 4th? If you’re planning a large get-together, how about encouraging everyone to bring a dish prepared with wine as an ingredient. If you are having difficulty coming up with these type of recipes check out the Wine Trail Traveler recipe section at http://winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/food.php. Here you will discover an array […]

Barrel Oak Winery and Charity

Barrel Oak Winery located in northern Virginia is a winery that offers a range of events. Many of these events focus on a wide range of charities. Charitable events are labeled as “A PAWS FOR THE CAUSE BENEFIT.” In the recent past, including one today, events have included benefits for Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and […]

American Grape Varieties

I just finished reading an excellent article suggested by the website Drinklocalwine.com. The article Indigenous American Grape Varieties, A Primer by David Mark Brown is available on Plate Press. The author begins with the question, “Can American Vitis species produce wines that compare with those made from vinifera on a global stage?” In this article, […]

On to Paper and Pen or Finger and iPad

When we finish a trip to visit wineries, the work begins. We returned from visiting two wineries in West Virginia and eleven in Ohio.  Now we start to write articles, edit photos and assemble web pages. That should take us another week. At the same moment we are planning our next travels, this time to […]

Raven’s Glenn Winery in Ohio

Yesterday we spent a significant amount of time touring one of Ohio’s largest wineries. Raven’s Glenn Winery is very enjoyable. They provided us with a tour, tasting and dinner selections paired with many of their wines. A few acres of vineyards are located here on sandy soil and more are only five minutes away on […]

Wine Wednesday Focus on Noiret

Wine grape growers are faced with weather conditions that make grape selection for vineyards crucial. Growers simply cannot plant Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay and hope for the best. Fortunately several universities around the world create new hybrid grapes that have promising results in vineyards. Cornell University at their Geneva, New York Agricultural Experiment Station […]

The Wine Was Overpriced

I read on Twitter a comment that a wine was overpriced. Then I began to think about what this statement means. It seems way too subjective. If one is not willing to pay more than $15 for a bottle of wine, is a $20 bottle of wine overpriced? Suppose the cost to produce a bottle […]

What’s in a Wine Name?

Do you ever decide to buy a bottle of wine based on the name of the wine? Do some wine names entice you to wonder what’s inside that bottle? Have you heard of any of these wine names Educated Guess, Chaos Theory or Debauchery? These are actual wine names. According to an article, It’s think […]

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