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On to Paper and Pen or Finger and iPad

When we finish a trip to visit wineries, the work begins. We returned from visiting two wineries in West Virginia and eleven in Ohio.  Now we start to write articles, edit photos and assemble web pages. That should take us another week. At the same moment we are planning our next travels, this time to Washington. We plan to visit wineries near Seattle and in the Walla Walla region. Even after we complete the thirteen articles about the recent winery visits, we will continue to write related articles for Examiner.com and Suite101.

People like to point out that we have a nice job and that we do this full time. What they don’t see is the writing, editing and publishing part. Yes we get writers block. Although we set our own deadlines, we do try to stick to them. We even run into days that we can’t write at all because we let our list of chores pile up. That usually happens frequently the week after we return from a road trip.

Kathy can seem to write anytime of the day. I do my best writing from 5:00 am to 10:00 am. After that I should just go do something else like watch my Dornfelder grow and inspect the fruit and vines for black rot or some other vengeful disease. What is interesting is that we do enjoy the writing. Bringing  to paper (or in our case a webpage) a visit to a winery or vineyard tasting room to share with thousands is challenging and fun.  So on to the paper and pen. Although during the evening I am starting to use hands and the screen of an iPad.



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