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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Save the Date April 7: Book Signing at Serpent Ridge Vineyard, MD

On April 7 Serpent Ridge Vineyard will be hosting a book signing for our book A Wine Journey. We hope you will join us at the winery to enjoy conversation about your wine journey. Be among the first to hear about our recent visit to wineries in Croatia and Friuli, Italy.

Grape to Plate Event

GRAPE TO PLATE takes place April 20 and April 21. Sponsored by the Berks County Wine Trail, the GRAPE TO PLATE event is a new wine and gourmet/creative cuisine weekend.

5th Annual Drink Local Wine Conference

The 5th Annual Drink Local Wine Conference is scheduled to take place in Baltimore, Maryland on April 13. This year the primary sponsor for the DLW is the Maryland Wineries Association.

Traveling Brings Out the Unique and Unusual

For the past two weeks we had the opportunity to visit wineries in Croatia, before IWINETC and later wineries and other sites in the Friuli region of Italy. When traveling away from home somehow it seems easier to notice the unusual and unique.

Celebrate Spring this Weekend at a Local Winery

Spring brings about the awakening of the earth and with that people are out and about hopefully enjoying the sunshine with the promise of good things to come. Wineries and tasting rooms are busy planning events for people to enjoy.

Woman Launches into a Tirade over Geography

Prior to our journey to Croatia for the International Wine Tourism Conference, I conducted an email interview with several wineries in Croatia. One winemaker made a reference that his vineyards sloped to the Mediterranean Sea. Wanting to check my facts I began to research and found that the Adriatic Sea is a part of the […]

Wines from Croatia Grand Tasting

The 2013 International Wine Tourism Conference included a tasting of Croatian wines led by Caroline Gilby MW. Ten Croatian wines were tasted along with a Slovenia wine and a wine from the Friuli region of Italy. I continued to keep with tradition by writing haikus instead of typical wine notes. Bolfan Riesling 2011 Bolfan Riesling […]

A Malvazia that Foreshadows a Future

Prior to the International Wine Tourism Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, we traveled to Istria, a region in north eastern Croatia bordered by the Adriatic Sea. This is one of the country’s major wine growing areas. While there, you will have the opportunity to taste international grapes varieties as well as indigenous grapes. The most widely […]

Authentic Souvenirs When Traveling in Croatia

For anyone traveling to Croatia this month for the International Wine Tourism Conference or anytime of the year, look for specialty Croatian items. Croatia is known for its handcrafted wooden toys, laces and gingerbread.

Learning More about Croatian Wine and Culture

Visiting Croatia for the International Wine Tourism Conference next week will be very interesting. In addition to the numerous indigenous grape varieties that are known in Croatia is the history of wine, food and culture of the region.

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