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Traveling Brings Out the Unique and Unusual

For the past two weeks we had the opportunity to visit wineries in Croatia before IWINETC and later wineries and other sites in the Friuli region of Italy. When traveling away from home it seems easier to notice the unusual and unique. Below are a few photos of unique items we discovered.

Enjoy, Kathy

Cork Chairs

At Cantina Le Monde, Friuli region of Italy – These stools/chairs are created from cork and covered with red cloth lending a colorful addition to the winery.


At first glance, this heart-shaped decoration might look like it is made with corks. However, it is constructed with various diameters of branches.


World's Smallest Cookbook

The world’s smallest cookbook – in a restaurant in Croatia. They also lay claim to the largest cookbook collection in the world.

Wine Awards in Croatia

Croatian wineries receive wonderful artistic, elegant plaques as wine awards.


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