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Category Archives: Wine Notes

Discovering specific wine aromas and tastes

Messina Hof Uses Augmented Reality on Three Labels

Messina Hof Winery is the first Texas winery to use augmented reality on some of their wine bottle labels. Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technology that can superimpose computer images while viewing the real world. An easy example of this is watching football games on television. The producers color the line of scrimmage and […]

A Valentine’s Gourmet Dinner with Lanson Champagne

According to the information I received, Lanson Champagne is working with H.G Walter, an important butcher in England, to provide the main dish for a special gourmet Valentine’s Day dinner at home. This year for Valentine’s Day, fortunate people in England, are able to order a special dinner for two that includes a bottle of […]

International Tempranillo Day

Celebrate Tempranillo Day with a glass of Tempranillo. Discover the Tempranillos from Pradorey in Spain.

Learn About Maryland Wines the Easy Way

If you want to discover the wines produced in Maryland, the Maryland Wine Association has established a program called Maryland Wine Explorer. During October 2020, the association began offering the Maryland Wine Explorer program. This allows wine enthusiasts to order Maryland wines and have it delivered.  During the ongoing pandemic and safety issues, this program […]

Discover Low Calorie Wines

Pure the Winery wines are considered low calorie wines.

National Prosecco Week

Discover Prosecco DOC wines during National Prosecco Week.

Two More Chardonnays from California

Discover the Freemark Abbey and Maggy Hawk wines.

Two Chardonnays from California

Discover two Chardonnays from California – one from Alexander Valley AVA and one from Sta. Rita Hills AVA.

Two Chardonnays from Oregon’s Willamette Valley

The emphasis of a recent wine tasting of Chardonnays from Oregon and California was on the regions where the vineyards are located. The six Chardonnays tasted were from the wineries of Jackson Family of Wines. 2017 Gran Moraine Yamhill-Carlton Chardonnay 2017 Gran Moraine™, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is in the northern area of the Willamette […]

Pacific Coast Chardonnay Tasting, a Prelude to Chardonnay Day on May 21st

This year international Chardonnay Day is scheduled for May 21, 2020. We were invited to attend a virtual tasting of six Pacific Coast Chardonnays by six wineries. This Zoom tasting event was organized by Colangelo & Partners PR. The event was sponsored by Jackson Family Wines. We received a shipment of six Chardonnays, two from […]

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