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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Raspberry Wine

While there are some wine enthusiasts who believe that only wines can be or should be made from fermented grapes, there are others such as myself, who enjoy a “fruit” wine.I recently had a raspberry wine with dinner. Chateau Le Cabin with 11.5% alcohol, was  produced by Horton Vineyards in Virginia. This wine has a […]

Fiction mystery book

I just finished a fiction book that takes place in a fictitious town in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of New York State. The economy is depressed and the owners of an upscale inn are desperate to make ends meet. The owners of a non-existent winery and a group of senior citizens, “Crafty Ladies,” are […]

Maryland Wine Shipping Laws

The state of Maryland has some of the harshest wine shipping laws in the U.S. Should the adult citizens of our fair state be able to purchase and ship wine to themselves? What happens when you visit Oregon, Washington or California’s very prolific winery areas? You are not able to legally ship wine back to […]

President’s Day Weekend Wineries and Tea

Saturday and Sunday we took time to visit Maryland’s eastern shore and took a side trip to Delaware to visit wineries. St. Michaels Winery is located in St. Michaels, Maryland. St. Michaels appears to be a popular winery with people strolling by and stopping to taste wines. About 30 – 40 minutes away is Tilmon’s […]

Chianti Classico

Last night for dinner we paired Chianti Classico with spaghetti topped with a red sauce. The Chianti Classico 2005  was from Coltibuono. We visited this Italian winery last fall where we had a lovely tour and lunch at their restaurant. On the menu was wild boar which we tried. The Chianti Classico 2005 was good but […]

Agricultural Destination Sites

As we travel, we come across wineries that are more than just a winery. The owners believe that vineyards are a way of preserving and appreciating the land. Many will talk about value-added farming or agritourism. Here you may see a mix of vineyards, winery, tours, lodging and perhaps a reaching out to other agricultural […]

Pinot Gris from Oregon

Tonight for dinner we tried a Pinot Gris. This particular bottle came from Cathedral Ridge in Oregon and was a 2006 vintage. This particular Pinot Gris had a citrus nose with a grapefruit taste, a smooth mouth feel, and a light to medium body. It was refreshing with an acidic finish. It had a long […]

Winter Winery Visits

Occasionally, we are asked, “Why visit wineries in the winter?” On a very cold day, January 2007, we visited a winery that had originally been a barn. The heating system had a difficult time, heating the building and the floor was cement. Dressed warmly, the cold seeped into our bones. On the positive side, I […]

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