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Agricultural Destination Sites

As we travel, we come across wineries that are more than just a winery. The owners believe that vineyards are a way of preserving and appreciating the land. Many will talk about value-added farming or agritourism. Here you may see a mix of vineyards, winery, tours, lodging and perhaps a reaching out to other agricultural interests. A large agricultural destination site, we visited recently is Black Star Farms in Michigan. Here you will see vineyards, a winery, a distillery, orchards, pears in brandy bottles (how do they do that?), creamery, stables as well as an elegant bed and breakfast. In addition they assist with rescued animals. This is definitely a destination site for couples and families. Donald Coe is continually searching for new ideas to promote Black Star Farms as an agricultural destination site. If you can’t make it to the winery, check out the Wine Trail Traveler article at http://winetrailtraveler.com/michigan/blackstarfarms.php.Cheers!Kathy 

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