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Traveling to Italy this Summer?

Castella del la sala

Castello della Sala

Are you planning to vacation in Italy? After you decide what regions you are exploring, you will want to discover the world of Italian wines.

We have visited several of Italy’s regions. Read the winery reviews we have posted on Wine Trail Traveler.

The Italian wine regions we have visited include: Friuli, Campania, Umbria and the well-known Tuscany. Winery sizes vary from the boutique to the large. When visiting wineries in Italy, you are likely to find a warm welcome. When planning to visit a winery in Italy, check their website for information about reservations.

While in Italy, be sure to discover their wonderful ways with food. After all wine, plus food and friends, create wonderful memories.

Tip: Most European nations do not tolerate drunk driving; their key words are “wine in moderation.”

Tip: When having dinner at a local Italian restaurant, you will often discover that often the house wine is wonderful. On the other hand we had a restaurant’s house wine in  a very touristy region overlooking a major monument and the wine tasted very watered down. Buyer beware.

Have a wonderful time exploring Italy!


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