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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Food

For many people across the country, Super Bowl Sunday will be as much about family, friends and food as it is about football. Sure, everyone will cheer or boo each touchdown depending of their loyalty to “their” team but conversation and eating will also be part of the fun. If you have procrastinated until the […]

Port Tim Tam Slam for Super Bowl Parties

Interested in a fun Super Bowl activity for a pre-game or during the game party? Find some Tim Tams and a port wine. While visiting Cape May winery in Cape May, New Jersey we were treated to a Tim Tam slam with port. Tim Tam is a chocolate covered biscuit made by Arnott’s in Australia. […]

Wine Awards

After visiting more than 300 wineries and tasting rooms in a little over 24 months, we have seen wine awards displayed in a variety of ways. Perhaps the gold, silver or bronze medals are hung around the wine bottle neck, placed on bulletin boards or encased in glass displays. Some wineries are quick to point […]

Dry Blueberry Wine

There are many who do not consider fermented fruit other than grapes to be a wine. While others consider any fermented fruit a wine. Some winemakers like to make wine from fruit because it only takes several weeks from fermentation to bottling. They can also make fruit wine at any time of the year giving […]

Exposure for Wineries

Every wine enthusiast is aware of the big names in the wine industry whether it be wine regions, winemakers or labels. Even the new wine drinker will have heard of the names via news or advertisements. So what about the small, relatively unknown winery that makes quality wine? Yesterday I heard from a small winery […]

Tasting Room Experiences

As we travel from tasting room to tasting room, we discover many differences between each one. Upon leaving we ask ourselves several questions. Why were we allowed to pour our own tasting (this has only occurred at two wineries and under watchful eyes)? Why didn’t they have crackers at the tasting counter? Wasn’t it wonderful […]

Renaming of a Virginia Wine Trail

The Northern Neck Wine Trail has been renamed as the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail. While many people are familiar with the Chesapeake Bay, others question where Virginia’s Northern Neck region is located. We had the opportunity to visit several of the wineries located in this region last week. Varying in size and style, they all […]

So How Is the Mead?

Yesterday I commented on racking the mead that finished fermentation. Of course we tasted it. Currently it has a yellow opaque color. The wonderful aroma is honey and floral. The taste is honey. The finish is dry, although there is a slight sweetness that may be perceived. The mead is 12 percent alcohol. There was […]

Secondary Fermentation of Mead is Completed

My mead has stopped its fermentation so I decided to rack it off the lees. I had to decide what size container to rack it into. The current three-gallon carboy had too much headspace. For aging, the mead should be filled into the neck of the container. Less oxygen will come in contact with the […]

Celebrating Inauguration Day with Wine

When you are celebrating today’s Inauguration, will you be enjoying wine? What kind of wine will you choose? Today an important day in American history should be celebrated with an American wine. This is one day that only occurs every four years in the United States and I believe that we should show our support […]

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