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Super Bowl Sunday Food

For many people across the country, Super Bowl Sunday will be as much about family, friends and food as it is about football. Sure, everyone will cheer or boo each touchdown depending of their loyalty to “their” team but conversation and eating will also be part of the fun.

If you have procrastinated until the day before Super Bowl Sunday, it’s not too late to consider some recipes that may just be perfect for celebrating the day – no matter who wins.

While some consider serving food popular in Pittsburgh or Phoenix, Wine Trail Traveler has some recipes online for you to try. Each recipe has wine as an ingredient. Consider serving Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps made with Chardonnay, Concordian Meatballs made with Concord wine or Barrington Cellars Cincinnati Chili with Baco Noir – a dry red wine.

With over 100 recipes on the Wine Trail Traveler website, you have many to choose between from several categories including Appetizers, Beverages, Entrées and Desserts. Check out all of the recipes at http://winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/food.php.

Cheers, Kathy


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