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Port Tim Tam Slam for Super Bowl Parties

timtamslam1Interested in a fun Super Bowl activity for a pre-game or during the game party? Find some Tim Tams and a port wine. While visiting Cape May winery in Cape May, New Jersey we were treated to a Tim Tam slam with port. Tim Tam is a chocolate covered biscuit made by Arnott’s in Australia. The process is simple and delicious. Take the cookie and bite of a small piece at each end. Then use the cookie as a straw to suck up some port. As soon as the port reaches your mouth, remove the Tim Tam and eat. Many ports finish hot because of the alcohol. The Tim Tam pairs well with the port. The finish is tamed so you won’t notice the high alcohol and the flavor of the port flavors the cookie. This is a fun and delicious way of eating Tim Tams and would be a great party activity especially for the Super Bowl.

I wondered what American cookie could possibly be used in a slam. Kit Kat comes to mind. Follow the same directions. Bite off the ends and use as a straw to suck up port. Eat and enjoy!

Tim Tams are also made by Pepperidge Farm and are available at Target stores. Check out: http://www.ilovetimtamcookies.com/index.html

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