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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Maryland Winter Wine Event Photos

Photos from the Annual Maryland Winter Wine event.

Winery Events and Valentine’s Day Dinner

The list of events at wineries has just been updated. If you are looking for some fun or a way to get past the blizzard of 2016, be sure to check out the calendar. Plus if you are already thinking of how you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, check out these specific winery events.

Maryland’s Winter Wine Event

The Maryland Winter Wine event was organized by Kevin Atticks of Maryland Wine. The event, considered by some to be the best wine event on the East Coast, started at 6pm with a special sparkling wine tasting.

An Evening After Shoveling Snow

After enjoying a delightful time tasting sparkling wines, still wines, meeting other wine enthusiasts and indulging in wonderful food, we returned home to await #Blizzard2016.

Pairing Wines with a Blizzard

In a few hours the snow is expected to fall. By later tonight, we will experience a rare blizzard for our Central Maryland location. Expected snowfall totals this morning put us somewhere between 20 and 30 inches of snow. With the winds blowing we can expect drifts several feet high. This must be our payback […]

Craft Beverages Unlimited East in February

Almost another year has passed and its time for the Vineyard & Winery Management’s annual Craft Beverages Unlimited East. The 2016 event is scheduled for February 10 to February 12.

Elegance in Baltimore

With a forecast of winter weather beginning on Friday, it’s time to get out and enjoy wine, food and conversation before becoming snowbound. Many wine events are during the warmer months where jeans and shorts are more common than dresses and suits. However, in Maryland on January 21st from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm, an […]

Turning Water into Wine

It is not often that I reflect on a religious note. I let that to my daughter Meghan who has written a series of articles for the Wine Trail Traveler’s website called “Wine in the Bible.” However, this past weekend gospel centered on the wedding feast at Cana. There at His Mother Mary’s request, Jesus […]

A Wine Cocktail for Writers

What better time to pursue your dreams of writing than on a cold winter day with a roaring fire adding to the ambiance. With a pen in hand or your laptop open and ready to go, a table or desk and chair, a glass of wine or perhaps The Hemingway cocktail, you are all set to write.

Wine Events Coming Soon!

Below is a list of wine events taking place from today until Sunday, January 24. If you are looking for fun activities in late January and February, check out the events calendar on Wine Trail Traveler.

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