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Pairing Wines with a Blizzard

Wines for a blizzard

Wines for a blizzard

In a few hours the snow is expected to fall. By later tonight, we will experience a rare blizzard for our Central Maryland location. Expected snowfall totals this morning put us somewhere between 20 and 30 inches of snow. With the winds blowing we can expect drifts several feet high. This must be our payback for a warmer than average December with temperatures for ten days above 60º. My early game plan is to shovel frequently, then retire by the fire. What wines would pair with a blizzard?

For this snow event I decided to go with sweet wines that can be sipped. I assume I’ll burn off the increased calories shoveling snow. Also sipping sweet wines by the fire on a cold blizzard day just seems to match well. For the three-day event, I selected several wines.

Before the blizzard hits I’ll open a 2005 Chateau Raymond-Lalon Sauternes. I visited this winery in France a few years ago and was impressed with this sunshine in a glass. As the evening progresses and heavier snows blanket the area, I’ll open a Pillar Bluff Vineyards Wink, a Ruby Port from Texas. I’ll nurse this wine throughout the evenings over the next few days.

On Saturday morning the task should be a bit daunting. I plan to open a low alcohol Quebec Icewine, a 2008 Megalomaniac Riesling Icewine. By Saturday afternoon, while still getting dumped on I’ll open a Sanders Family Winery Cream Sherry. Saturday evening I’ll go back with the Ruby Port.

Sunday is clean up day and although I will have been shoveling for the past two days, I expect there will be plenty of snow that I’ll need to move on Sunday especially the path to the wood pile. On Sunday, I’ll open a Domaine L’ange Garden Vin Blanc Fortifié from Quebec. They get a lot of snow in Quebec so this wine seems fitting.

Alcohols range from a low of 10.0% for the Icewine up to 21% for the Ruby Port. These selections should pair well on a weekend that will be consumed with fire and ice. What wines would you pair with a blizzard?


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