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An Evening After Shoveling Snow

A Sauterne during blizzard 2016

A Sauterne during blizzard 2016

Last Thursday night we drove to Baltimore’s B&O Museum for a lovely evening of Maryland wines and a catered affair. After enjoying a delightful time tasting sparkling wines, still wines, meeting other wine enthusiasts and indulging in wonderful food, we returned home to await #Blizzard2016.

We didn’t wait long and the storm arrived in our area on Friday mid-afternoon. We’ve been snowbound ever since. We share a long driveway with three other homes. Sunday we slowly began venturing out to shovel while taking suggestions of doing a little at a time. All of our personal driveways were cleared late Sunday. We ended the day with a potluck dinner at one of our neighbors that included delicious hot homemade chicken soup, warm homemade rolls, a sautéed spinach and broccoli combination and a raspberry tart. With the meal we added a Sauterne, Ruby Port and our homemade white Cabernet Sauvignon.
All in all it was a great time to eat and enjoy conversation with our neighbors while patiently waiting for a snowplow to clear our street. We hope others have weathered the storm as well as we have. It will be great conversation topic in the years to come.
Watch for our next post about Maryland’s Winter Wine event at the Baltimore B & O Museum.

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