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Monthly Archives: October 2008

“Greatest Wine Producer in the Atlantic Northeast”

Wine Report 2009, published earlier this month, has named Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars as the “Greatest Wine Producer in the Atlantic Northeast.” This should not be a surprise but a continuing honor as Wine Report, published annually, has awarded Dr. Frank’s the same prestigious award since 2005. Another honor bestowed upon the winery […]

Wine Bar Food by Cathy and Tony Mantuano

Recently published Wine Bar Food: Mediterranean Flavor to Crave with Wines to Match by Cathy and Tony Mantuano offers readers and cooks a look into foods featured in large Mediterranean cities modern wine bars. Wine Bar Food may leave your mouth watering and the desire to create these foods in your own kitchen. Filled with […]

Winery Specials

Recently, I have seen articles saying consumers who are concerned about the economy are beginning to use coupons more frequently. While we are all familiar with grocery store coupons, small businesses including some wineries offer coupons. Occasionally, these coupons are found online at the winery’s website. More frequently, wineries offer discounts depending upon the special […]

A Spanish Wine in a Mexican Restaurant

Recently we had dinner at Olé Grill in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This boutique Mexican restaurant is a step above many other restaurants. The guacamole dip made at the tableside was an experience to watch and delightful to savor. Our server provided our table of four with two dishes of chips. I had a salad for dinner. […]

Does Wine Benefit Anyone?

I just came across an interesting webpage on Maryland Wine. Have you ever considered the advantages that producing a bottle of wine offer to the community? On Maryland’s wine site, a chart lists the “ingredients” involved in wine and follows with the “beneficiaries. Ingredients include the vineyard land, wine bottle labels, taxes, and quality of […]

Wineries Located in Business Parks

Why would anyone want to locate a winery in a business park? We discovered the answer in our first visit to a winery located in an industrial park. The location provides easy access for consumers. In addition with the price of land going out of sight, the concept of an urban winery allows winemakers to […]

Urban Wineries in Restored City Buildings

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, urban wineries create an easily available experience for urban dwellers. Urban wineries also may make use of restoring older buildings rather than razing and building anew. Winemaking has a long history behind it and it seems appropriate that new wineries use available historical buildings. Preservation of the past has […]

Urban Wineries

Urban wineries are a unique opportunity

What’s the Best Way to Buy Wine?

What’s the best way to buy wine? While there is no right answer for all people, here are some ideas to think about. Personally, I like to purchase wine directly from a winery I visit. There is something about remembering the experience and the occasion of visiting a winery. Will it cause you to remember […]

Restaurants Should Stock Local Wines

Located on Rt. 13 in Salisbury Maryland, Chesapaeake Steakhouse offers a wonderful menu with a fine selection. Noting a small sign that with a list of a few wines, Kathy asked the waiter if they had any local wines. His response was that they have a Beringer. That winery is about 3000 miles away, not […]

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