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Does Wine Benefit Anyone?

I just came across an interesting webpage on Maryland Wine. Have you ever considered the advantages that producing a bottle of wine offer to the community? On Maryland’s wine site, a chart lists the “ingredients” involved in wine and follows with the “beneficiaries. Ingredients include the vineyard land, wine bottle labels, taxes, and quality of life. Beneficiaries include real estate brokers, lawyers, manufacturers, employees, state and local governments, and consumers.

Check out “What’s in a Bottle of Maryland Wine?” It provides much to think about in terms of how much the wine industry provides for the state. Considering that these beneficiaries include the state and county, I continue to be amazed at the lack of support the Maryland state legislature provides wineries and consumers. It is not permitted to ship wine in the state. For a liberal state, Maryland certainly holds tight to antiquated Prohibition laws.

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