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Wineries Located in Business Parks

Why would anyone want to locate a winery in a business park? We discovered the answer in our first visit to a winery located in an industrial park. The location provides easy access for consumers. In addition with the price of land going out of sight, the concept of an urban winery allows winemakers to focus on winemaking by having the fruit transported to them from the growers. Although most winemakers understand the importance of growing good grapes in the vineyards, some of these same winemakers are more interested in the chemical and creative aspects of actually producing the wine from grapes and sometimes other fruits. For these winemakers using a business park location makes a lot of sense.

Chatham Hill Winery in Cary/Morrisville, North Carolina is located in a business park. They recently moved to this larger space that allows them to offer seating at tables and special events.

Bonacquisti Wine Company, in Denver, Colorado is also located in a complex of other small businesses. Paul Bonacquisti uses his building to produce fine wines and support local artists, wine and education.

Augustina’s Winery, in Boulder, Colorado is located in a small business area. While it is small, this is a one-woman winemaking facility and the winemaker does not want to grow larger.

When you visit urban wineries, whether in renovated buildings, business parks or occupying a downtown site, you will discover a uniqueness that makes them worth visiting for the wine and the experience. Enjoy discovering wineries anywhere!

What urban wineries have you visited?

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