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Portland’s Festival of Lights and Urban Wineries

While planning to visit Portland’s urban wineries, add The Grotto to your itinerary. Of course, as visitors of Portland, I like the idea of urban wineries. While wine enthusiasts will not find vineyards, the proximity to winemaking facilities can make some great experiences.

Summer 2011 Edition of the Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly

Wine Trail Traveler, LLC recently released the Summer Edition of the Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly. Filled with many photos of scenes at wineries and vineyards, it’s fun to just peruse the pictures. However, there are several recipes using wine as an ingredient. If you have the opportunity be sure to try either the Muscadine Cake […]

Wineries Located in Business Parks

Why would anyone want to locate a winery in a business park? We discovered the answer in our first visit to a winery located in an industrial park. The location provides easy access for consumers. In addition with the price of land going out of sight, the concept of an urban winery allows winemakers to […]

Urban Wineries in Restored City Buildings

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, urban wineries create an easily available experience for urban dwellers. Urban wineries also may make use of restoring older buildings rather than razing and building anew. Winemaking has a long history behind it and it seems appropriate that new wineries use available historical buildings. Preservation of the past has […]

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