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Gersing Cellars Shell Viognier

When visiting Portland, Oregon be sure to discover the wines from Gersing Cellars.

Gersing Cellars in Portland Produces a Nebbiolo Wine

Tasty Nebbiolo wine from Gersing Cellars in Portland.

Tipsypops, Wine Ice Treats for Adults

Portland, Oregon is the site of Tipsypops, a special frozen treat for adults.

Visiting Oregon this Summer? Visit a Winery

Visit Oregon anytime of the year and discover some awesome wines.

A Cesari Amarone Wine Chocolate Pairing

This was the perfect time to open the bottle of Amarone and match it with the unique chocolates crafted in Portland, Oregon.

Portland’s Festival of Lights and Urban Wineries

While planning to visit Portland’s urban wineries, add The Grotto to your itinerary. Of course, as visitors of Portland, I like the idea of urban wineries. While wine enthusiasts will not find vineyards, the proximity to winemaking facilities can make some great experiences.

Whiskey, Not Necessarily Over Rocks

The article noted that whiskey sales are rising. People are finding different ways to drink spirits. Mixologists (liquid chefs, bartenders) are experimenting with different ingredients to combine with high alcohol spirits.

Walla Walla Wines in Seattle and Portland

We’ve only been to Walla Walla one time. What I remember of the trip is not so much the wines but the trip to get there and the views of the landscape. We flew into Portland (PDX) airport, rented a car and drove to Walla Walla.

Dinner at Laurelhurst Market in Portland with Pinot Noir

Last night we enjoyed visiting Laurelhurst Market Restaurant and Butcher Shop in Portland.

Portland, Oregon’s Things to Do When Visiting

Portland, Oregon offers farmers’ markets, the International Rose Test Garden, brewery tours, Powell’s City of Books and more.

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