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Visiting Oregon this Summer? Visit a Winery

Visit Oregon anytime of the year and discover some awesome wines.

Can Engineered Produced Wine Compare with Traditional Wine?

Alec Lee and Mardonn Chua have created Ava Winery to discover a way to produce wine by analyzing the molecular structure of fine wines.

A Wine Journey: An Ideal Holiday Gift

With the holidays approaching have you started your holiday shopping yet? If you are shopping for a wine lover or a winemaking enthusiast, give a gift of the wine book. A Wine Journey is available on the Wine Trail Traveler website, Amazon….

Countdown to Christmas-12 Days- Decanters for the Wine Lover

Decanters can be purchased in all sizes, shapes, brands and prices. Some things to consider when buying a decanter: Easy of cleaning: It is important to be able to clean a decanter. Numerous shapes are available and some just do not look easy to clean. Because of their shape, decanters can be difficult to dry. […]

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