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Winery Specials

Recently, I have seen articles saying consumers who are concerned about the economy are beginning to use coupons more frequently. While we are all familiar with grocery store coupons, small businesses including some wineries offer coupons. Occasionally, these coupons are found online at the winery’s website. More frequently, wineries offer discounts depending upon the special of the month or the number of bottles being purchased. Some wineries will even offer a discount on mix and match bottles.

Here are some wineries that use coupons to promote consumers to visit. Chateau Chantal in Michigan offers a coupon for wine and a coupon for lodging. Barrel Oak Winery in Virginia offers a coupon for a complimentary tasting on the Wine Trail Traveler website. To find the coupon go to Barrel Oak Winery’s advertisement on Wine Trail Traveler. In California, Falkner Winery offers discount coupons.

Discounts by purchasing 6 bottles or a case are frequently offered by wineries. Grove Winery in North Carolina and Pickering Winery in Pennsylvania offer discounts on 6 bottles or a case. The Winery at La Grange and Pearmund Cellars in Virginia also offer these type of discounts.

Another special I came across is at Dove Valley in Maryland. “Buy One, Get One Half – Price.” Chateau O’Brien at Northpoint in Virginia will pay shipping charges for purchases of 6 bottles or more.

Individual winery websites frequently mention the specials available in the tasting room and some may have a special coupon. As every winery experience is different, coupons and special discounts vary. If you are interested in savings and special deals, visit winery websites to see what they offer.

As a consumer, would you prefer to visit a winery’s website to look for and print a coupon to use or would you prefer an automatic discount depending on the number of bottles you purchase?

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