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Urban Wineries

Urban wineries are a unique opportunity for the public to taste wines and learn about wine production. Depending on their exact location, urban wineries also benefit from passing foot traffic.

The biggest benefit of urban wineries is that they allow more people to visit a winery without traveling far thereby saving gas and time. If you aren’t able to visit a winery with vineyards, I suggest you visit an urban winery near you. You will find an enthusiasm for winemaking just as at other traditional wineries. You are likely to discover a winery that has space for public and private events, entertainment, and/or food. Every urban winery offers a unique experience for visitors. If you are concerned about terroir and “taste the place” you may want to find out before you visit where the urban winery is sourcing its grapes.

Tomorrow, I will be blogging about three urban wineries that are making use of restored buildings. On Friday I will blog about wineries in industrial parks.

If you know of an urban winery, please email me at kathy (at) winetrailtraveler.com.

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