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20th Anniversary of Taste for Life

Taste of Life takes place in Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday, June 23.

Weird Wine Event this Sunday

Weird Wine event takes place Sunday, May 5. Discover unusual wines.

Winter Wine Captures First Time Attendees

The marketing process for January’s Winter Wine at the B&O Railroad Museum paid off this year. The event was well attended from the onset of the sparkling wine reception through the grand tasting in the museum’s roundhouse. I spoke with several people, many stating that this was the first time they attended the event. There […]

Maryland Winter Wine Photo Gallery

Each year Maryland wineries participate in the elegant Winter Wine tasting at the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore.

Maryland’s Winter Wine Event

The Maryland Winter Wine event was organized by Kevin Atticks of Maryland Wine. The event, considered by some to be the best wine event on the East Coast, started at 6pm with a special sparkling wine tasting.

Elegance in Baltimore

With a forecast of winter weather beginning on Friday, it’s time to get out and enjoy wine, food and conversation before becoming snowbound. Many wine events are during the warmer months where jeans and shorts are more common than dresses and suits. However, in Maryland on January 21st from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm, an […]

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