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Dry Blueberry Wine

natali1There are many who do not consider fermented fruit other than grapes to be a wine. While others consider any fermented fruit a wine. Some winemakers like to make wine from fruit because it only takes several weeks from fermentation to bottling. They can also make fruit wine at any time of the year giving them an option to use tank space rather than leaving it empty for a time. There are consumers who absolutely love fruit wines. Many wines made from fruit tend to be semi-sweet or sweet. Occasionally we’ve come across a dry fruit wine.

New Jersey is known for growing blueberries. We had an opportunity to taste a blueberry wine made by Natali Vineyards. Drinking a dry blueberry wine is a different experience. Rather than an afternoon sipping wine, you have options to pair the wine with foods. The wine had a blueberry nose and taste. At first there was a perceived sweetness to the taste but this was due to the intense fruit aroma and taste. The finish was complex. Although it finished dry, the long aftertaste of blueberries became drier. The wine paired well with shortbread which made the wine taste even drier.

If you like fruit wines try a dry fruit wine. If you rather not drink a sweet fruit wine, consider trying a dry fruit wine and pairing it with food.

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