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Stagecoach Vineyard Sold to Gallo

Normally a headline like this would not grab my attention. However, I have two vintages of wine in my wine room that Kathy and I made with grapes sourced from Stagecoach Vineyard in the Atlas Peak and Pitchard Hill sub-AVAs of Napa Valley.

Favorite Vineyard Photos from 2016

We enjoy four seasons in a vineyard and have seen some fantastic vineyard views during 2016. The following photos are some of our favorites.

Lending Vineyard Assistance

Temperatures in central Maryland have finally warmed and spring is becoming a memory. It was a long cool and wet spring. As memories go, I thought about vineyard scenes that we have experienced in our travels. Vineyards tell a story during the entire year. Springtime sets the stage for new life budding forth. At times […]

Pruning Grapevines is a Necessity

This week I received an email about pruning from Lis Neris, a winery in the Friuli region of Italy.

Reflections on Mendocino

I just started an online wine course through San Francisco Wine School. The nine-week course is a program for the California Wine Appellation Specialist. It covers eight California regions, the appellations in those areas and of course wines from those areas. Our first class focused on Mendocino. As I read the course content, I recalled […]

Wine Tourism Conference

We realize that it is costly to attend conferences. Travel to the conference destination, the conference itself, lodging and food add up. Wineries/vineyards, wine tour operators, tour operators not necessarily focusing on wine and those in the lodging trade should consider attending a conference related to wine and travel. What wine tourism conferences are available? […]

Does Georgia have 27 varieties of wine grapes or 540?

In a recent Facebook post in the Wine and Spirits Bloggers Group, I mentioned that the country Georgia has 540 grape varieties. That number was quickly challenged, citing Wine Grapes that puts the number at 27. Wine Grapes is a wonderful book by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding and José Vouillamoz. Wine enthusiasts should consider this […]

There Are Vineyards in Quebec

“Quebec doesn’t have any vineyards. The wineries source their grapes and juice from wine regions around the world. Why would you want to travel there?” At a recent wine conference this statement was made to me by a wine writer. The reason Wine Trail Traveler’s Terry and Kathy want to travel to Quebec’s wineries is […]

Vineyard and Winemaking Challenges Mirror Wine Book Publishing

We visited a Pennsylvania winery, Nimble Hill Vineyard & Winery, yesterday and found the winemaker, Kevin Durland out in the vineyard with Gary Toczko, owner and vineyard manager, working in the vines. It is encouraging to see a winemaker in the vineyards. These vineyards were within a few feet of the winery. The vineyards for […]

Gearing Up for Winery Visits

Late August to late October is the high tourist months for many North American wineries and vineyards that have tasting rooms. It is at this time of the year that wine enthusiasts can observe the most activity in the vineyards and wineries. Although grapes have already been harvested in some wine regions, others still hang […]

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