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Summer in the Home Vineyard

This year in our tiny vineyard (10 vines) we lost our Dornfelder grapes to the ravages of heat, insects, and birds. Yes, we sprayed using the same Bordeaux mix we successfully used last year but between the heat, insects, and birds we didn’t stand a chance this year. However, a few steps away the Niagara […]

Leo Grande Vineyard & Winery

We recently enjoyed a Virginia Rosé wine. This was a Roaring Rosé, a red table wine from Leo Grande Vineyards & Winery. Leo Grande is a small farm winery. We paired the Rosé wine with a simply dinner of chicken, baked potatoes and a garden-style salad. Roaring Rosé was a deeper pink than many Rosés. […]

Romance in the Vineyard

Why are vineyards romantic? I can certainly understand that wine is probably the most romantic beverage/food. But why are vineyards chosen as a sight for proposals, wedding pictures and anniversaries? In this photo, Kevin Sullivan and Brittany Powers pose a few weeks prior to their August wedding. The backdrop is Niagara grapes that were transplanted […]

The Vintner’s Luck

Is the perfect vintage a fairy tale? It’s close to fantasy in the movie The Vintner’s Luck. The story follows the peasant Sobran Jodeau who dreams of winning the hand of the beautiful Celeste and to create wine with grapes from his own vineyard. Set in the early nineteenth century France, the viewer witnesses Sobran’s […]

What Do Wineries Have to Hide?

Wine blogger Hunter Kangas raised the question on Twitter of why aren’t wineries upfront about where they source their grapes. He then asks, “What do they have to hide?” First, I’d like to pose the argument that many consumers are not that concerned about where the grapes are sourced. They are concerned about whether they […]

Sangria Recipe for Memorial Day

Looking for a delicious Sangria recipe for Memorial Day? This spring we visited a small winery in Virginia, Savoy-Lee Winery & Vineyard in Huddleston, VA and had a delicious Sangria. They provided us with the recipe and we are passing it on to our friends as a perfect drink for Memorial Day and summertime drink. (Savoy-Lee […]

Wineries Unlimited Moves to Richmond, Virginia

I’m so excited about the move of the annual Wineries Unlimited vineyard and winery conference from Pennsylvania to Virginia. In March of this year, we had the opportunity to visit and write about Wineries Unlimited held in King of Prussia outside of Philadelphia. Due to a prior commitment we were only able to attend the […]

Discovering a Virginia Winery for Sale

On our way to Savoy-Lee Vineyard & Winery in Bedford County, VA we saw a sign indicating a winery was for sale. To our surprise we discovered that the Savoy-Lee winery was for sale. We enjoyed our visit with David Wood, owner, of the winery. The tasting room is adjacent to a good-size event area. […]

In Dreary Weather Look for Beauty

When traveling to wineries we make plans in advance. You have no control of the weather. As a result I am always interested in looking for photo opportunities in all types of weather during all seasons. Yesterday we had a lovely wine tasting at Valhalla Vineyards in Roanoke, Virginia. The road leading to the vineyards […]

7:30 am Buried

The 14 1/2″ wine bottle is completely buried. I didn’t post a picture, just look at a blank sheet of white paper. However the picture below is a photo of the top cordon of a grape vine. This is the most snow that has blanketed the vines.

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