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A Winter Vineyard Wonderland

While traveling to 20 of Long Island’s wineries to discover the experience, we encountered some snow. Visiting wineries with vineyards during the winter can be a rewarding experience.

Tarara Winery’s “Support Snow” Charity

Located in Leesburg, Virginia, Tarara Winery has developed a unique idea for wine enthusiasts. Usually I write about wineries that support charities on Sundays but this is just so good and really can’t wait as it has to deal with snow. According to Tarara Winery, each time it snows the Support Snow page will be […]

Trapped at Home Again, this Time with Cali Cabs

We have spent many days at home without going anywhere. The fact that at any time we could get in the car and drive somewhere or walk to a shopping center is all that is needed so one does not feel trapped. However for the second set of three or more days in a week, […]

Hunker Down with Wine and Food

We have been told to hunker down and wait. I expect our street won’t see a plow until tomorrow if then. With ten more inches of snow to fall we probably won’t shovel the 300 foot driveway until tomorrow at the earliest. So the time affords an opportunity to cook with wine. The very first […]

Cooking and Baking During a Snowstorm

What can you do when you’re snowed in? Enjoy making food and beverages with wine as an ingredient. Yesterday with the snow quickly falling here in Maryland, I decided to follow a time honored family tradition. Whenever there was a big snowstorm, my mother would mix up a batch of donuts. If it happened on […]

7:30 am Buried

The 14 1/2″ wine bottle is completely buried. I didn’t post a picture, just look at a blank sheet of white paper. However the picture below is a photo of the top cordon of a grape vine. This is the most snow that has blanketed the vines.

8:00 pm About Half Covered

The snow has covered about half of the 14 1/2″ wine bottle. It is now falling at a rate of about one inch an hour. It’s days like today that I wish I was visiting wineries in New Zealand.

5:15 pm Up a Couple More Inches

The snow continues and is now sticking to everything including people. Soon, I’ll have to start removing it so I can get to the wood pile that helps to keep the house around 70º. As daylight fades you notice an artscape that can only be painted by nature. The grapevines have a one-inch blanket on […]

3:45 pm EST Accumulation on Ground

The snow’s intensity for the last three hours has increased. It is now sticking to trees, shrubs, wine bottles and wine glasses. Compare the two photos. The few pieces of grass are now covered and the bottom one inch of the label is covered.  Luckily, here in Howard County the snow is not sticking to roads […]

11:00 am EST Light Snow Begins

It is hard to imagine that last winter I never used the shovel in central Maryland. There was a shoveable snow, but I had the pleasure to be in Temecula at the time eating outdoors every day. I’m making up for it this year. A 16″+ snow before Christmas. Some lighter snowfalls in January. Last […]

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