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Tag Archives: snowstorm

8:00 pm About Half Covered

The snow has covered about half of the 14 1/2″ wine bottle. It is now falling at a rate of about one inch an hour. It’s days like today that I wish I was visiting wineries in New Zealand.

5:15 pm Up a Couple More Inches

The snow continues and is now sticking to everything including people. Soon, I’ll have to start removing it so I can get to the wood pile that helps to keep the house around 70º. As daylight fades you notice an artscape that can only be painted by nature. The grapevines have a one-inch blanket on […]

3:45 pm EST Accumulation on Ground

The snow’s intensity for the last three hours has increased. It is now sticking to trees, shrubs, wine bottles and wine glasses. Compare the two photos. The few pieces of grass are now covered and the bottom one inch of the label is covered.  Luckily, here in Howard County the snow is not sticking to roads […]

Snowstorm, Party and Mulled Wine

We spent Thursday and Friday wondering if relatives and friends would make be able to make it to a special family event this past weekend. We called family to tell them of the impending snowstorm. One family’s members in Massachusetts were able to leave early Friday night and made it safely to our home at […]

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