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Sangria, a Great Beverage for the Summer!

Sangria is a special beverage made with wine that is infused with fruit or juice. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Five Recipes for Memorial Day

Explore these grilled recipes for Memorial Day! Plus check out the sangria recipe.

Cinco de Mayo Day is May 5!

Visit a winery or plan your own celebration of Cinco de Mayo Day! Numerous recipes are available online.

A Cocktail for Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, so be prepared with a cocktail made with Champagne or a special sangria.

Sangria Recipes for Warm Summer Months

Warm summer days are perfect for Sangrias. Check out the sangria recipes below. There is also a recipe for Plantation Punch. Read all of the recipes and see which appeals to you!

Thursday, May 5 is Cinco de Mayo Day!

Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated in the US today. This special day commemorates the victory of Mexico’s army at the Battle of Puebla. The battle was just one of the events of the 1861 to 1867 Franco-Mexican War.

Depending upon where you live there are a selection of activities to celebrate including festivals, marathons, fiestas and winery events.

Sangrias Are the Perfect Answer for a Hot July 4th Beverage!

Yesterday I came across an article about special cocktails made with wine. With Dcanter’s permission I am adding them to Wine Trail Traveler.

Summer Sangria Recipes and Tilt A Wheel Cocktail

Hot summer weather has finally arrived. After a very cold winter, I am really enjoying it. Hope everyone else is, too. For anyone looking for a beverage to help you cool off, our website (Wine Trail Traveler) has several Sangria recipes. In addition a new recipe has arrived in my email, that I want to share with you. Tilt a Wheel is a cocktail that uses Sauvignon Blanc and Aviation American Gin.

Celebrate Father’s Day with a DIY Picnic

Invite your father to a do it yourself Father’s Day Picnic. You can as casual or elaborate as you like. It will undoubtedly appreciated.

Planning a Labor Day Picnic? Remember the Sangria!

Why not add a Sangria to your beverages for this Labor Day weekend?

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