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Visit A Winery with a Father’s Day Event this Weekend!

Wine events for Father’s Day and more this weekend!

Two Recipes to Try for Father’s Day!

Two special recipes for Father’s Day.

Beef Brisket Sliders for Father’s Day!

Why not celebrate Father’s Day with preparing Beef Brisket Sliders, a recipe from Ferrari-Carano in California? This brisket recipe calls for red wine.

Wishing Your Dad Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is an important day for many families around the country. Check out some of these ideas for celebrating Father’s Day in 2016.

Fresh Fruit Salsa for Grilled Meats

This recipe is from the BC Winegrowers Association. If you are planning to grill for Father’s Day tomorrow, you can make it extra special by making this salsa below.

Father’s Day Ideas for 2015!

With Father’s Day almost here, have you decided what to do for your father this year? With no scientific data behind this but from opinions I’ve heard, please don’t plan on giving your dad a tie.

Celebrate Father’s Day with a DIY Picnic

Invite your father to a do it yourself Father’s Day Picnic. You can as casual or elaborate as you like. It will undoubtedly appreciated.

Give the Gift of Winemaking for Father’s Day

Many wine enthusiasts enjoy drinking wine but also would like to learn about how wine is made. While a winemaking book is helpful, actually making wine can be a terrific experience. Below are three East Coast wine facilities that offer the option of making a barrel of wine.

Ideas for Father’s Day, June 15

Father’s Day is June 15, which is rapidly approaching. If your Dad enjoys wine, one of the following ideas or gifts may be a great way to show him how much you care.

Wine Aroma Kits

Do you have a wine aroma kit? Good wine aroma kits can be expensive but they can be beneficial for those who want to delve into the world of wine.

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