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Wishing Your Dad Happy Father’s Day!

61216IMG_0095Father’s Day is an important day for many families around the country. Check out some of these ideas for celebrating Father’s Day in 2016.

Wineries Celebrate Father’s Day!

Many wineries offer special events at their wineries. Check out the wineries in your backyard or where ever your Dad lives to see what they are offering. Below are three ideas that your father might enjoy.

Vint Hill Craft Winery, Virginia
Event: Port & Cigars in the Wineyard
Date: June 19
Website Info

Plus a Vint Hill Craft wine special!
Daddy-O Goody Bag $59.99
1 bottle Coco (a Port-style dessert wine)
1 bottle 2013 Petit Verdot
2 Vint Hill Craft Winery glasses
1 cigar from humidor

Grand River Cellars, Madison, Ohio
Event: Father’s Day (entrée and dessert specials)
Website Info

Youngberg Hill, Oregon
Event: Father’s Day Lunch & Wine Tasting
Website Info

If your nearby wineries do not have a special event for Father’s Day and your father enjoys wine, then perhaps he would enjoy visiting a winery and tasting wine with you.

More Father’s Day Ideas

Another idea is to pack a picnic lunch and take your dad our for a picnic or perhaps a picnic in your backyard.

Other ideas for Father’s Day include: buying a particular wine your father enjoys, giving your dad a set of nice stemware or perhaps he would like a decanter. This weekend while visiting Narcisi Winery in Pennsylvania we browsed the wine shop and saw wine bottle holders in various shapes, sure to please some fathers. The shapes included: vintage cars, fish and dogs.

Tim Tam Slams

Another fun idea is to enjoy Tim Tam slams with your father. Apparently the idea comes from Australia. We learned about Tim Tam slams while visiting a New Jersey winery. Check Target stores in the cookie section for Tim Tams. To make Tim Tam slams purchase a bottle of Port or port-style wine and a package of chocolate covered wafers. We prefer using the Tim Tam labeled original. For a tasty and fun treat, follow the directions below for Tim Tam Slams.

1. Cut or bite off two diagonal corners of the Tim Tam.
2. Pour the Port into a shallow dish.
3. Place the Tim Tam in the Port and use as a straw sucking up the Port. As soon as the Port reaches your mouth remove the Tim Tam from the Port.
4. Immediately eat the Port filled Tim Tam.

There is still time to figure out the special way to celebrate Father’s Day this year, but just don’t wait too long.


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